Wipe Your Storage Device To Prevent Unauthorized Usage Of Confidential Information

Wipe your storage device to prevent Unauthorized Usage of Confidential Information


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Gone are the days when formatting your media, or deleting your data, by ‘Shift’ and ‘Delete’ key, or by removing from recycle bin, is sufficient to prevent unauthorized access to files. The technology has advanced to the extent that all such files can be found and regained by using software that apply powerful recovery algorithms to extract data from the hard drive or any other media. So what to do? How to prevent that? How to ensure that the data that has been deleted or formatted is not retrieved by anybody? The answer is simple! Overwrite that file! But how do you ensure that the file that has been deleted is properly overwritten? It is an onerous task to manually remove the deleted data. What can however be done is, use a powerful

file eraser software

, to remove all traces of data from your system.

One often wonders, how can data that has been normally deleted, or formatted, be recovered, as compared to the data that has been deleted (or wiped) using these software? What is so special about these software, and why is the normally wiped, or formatted data not removed completely?


Whenever we delete a file, the operating system simply removes the indexing information of that file, while leaving the file intact, at its default location. This makes the area just as reusable as an empty area for saving any other information, thus saving a lot of time, and system memory. That is why, it is very crucial for a user to overwrite all the data on his system, by wiping the hard disk, or storage media. But overwriting all the data manually is a daunting task for any user.

These data eraser software remove all the traces of the files and data that have been deleted by overwriting them. After a particular sector has been overwritten by fractions of other data files, it becomes impossible for any recovery program to extract what was saved in those sectors. These file eraser software use various algorithms, such as, B.Schneier’s algorithm, Pseudo random, DoD 5220.22-M, Zeroes, German Standard,Russian Standard GOST, etc, to overwrite your files completely, thus closing doors for any miscreant.

A reliable tool to overwrite data is Stellar Disk Wipe that overwrites the data 35 times, to accomplish complete removal of all traces of data. Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000, this

data eraser software

can apply 12 different wipe algorithms to ensure complete wipe of the storage media.

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