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By Alex Trem

Green tea extract is an herb that is derived from green tea leaves. The proper name of the Chinese herb is Camellia sinensis. The herb is also known as tea tree, tea plant and tea shrub. Other teas that are harvested from this herb family are white tea, oolong, black tea and pu-erh tea. Green tea extract from the Camellia herb contains many potent antioxidants and is widely used around the world by people who are in the pursuit of good health.

Types of Extracts made from Green Tea

Green tea extract can be purchased and consumed in a variety of different formulas which include:

— Strong infusions. Strong infusions are processed by soaking the green tea leaves in an aqueous solution, or a solution that is water soluble. The solution for strong infusion green tea extract is made with approximately 2 percent alcohol.

— Dry extracts. Dry green tea extracts are processed by dehydrating concentrated strong infusions into a powder. The powder is then processed into capsules, tablets and dry mixes.

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— Soft extract. Soft extracts are made from a solution of a strong infusion concentrated with catechin, a crystalline compound. Soft extracts are often used in tea bags.

— Purified extract. A partly purified green tea extract is achieved by using laboratory techniques like chromatography which separates the extract from the leaves. A purified extract is more crystallized and stronger than other green tea extracts.

Green Tea Extract in Food Additives

Because of its health benefits, the extract of the green tree herb is being considered for use in different types of food. These food additives would be included in meat, fish and pork to add antioxidants to the food. Scientists have also considered emulsifying green tea extract and adding it to vegetable oil and animal fats. Green tea extract is currently added to moon cake, a Chinese bakery item that is eaten during their mid autumn festival. The extract improves the flavor of the cake and increases the shelf life.

Contamination Prevention

In Japan, scientists have discovered that tea extracts, including green tea extracts, can be made into dyes that resist microbial contamination. In the future, green tea extracts may be used to eliminate this contamination in apple juice and other food and drinks. Green tea extract also has a strong deodorant quality.

Green Tea Extract and the Metabolism

Over the decades, green tea and green tea extract have been thoroughly studied and researched for its effects on people as well as animals. Some of the many advantages of green tea extract as it relates to health include lowering cholesterol, controlling diabetes and preventing liver disease. It is also a popular supplement for bodybuilders and other fitness gurus. The affect that is has on the metabolism is another reason many people take the extract in one form or another. Green tea extract accelerates the metabolism without overworking the adrenal glands. For otherwise healthy people, this has helped with losing weight. In addition, green tea extract, even in small amounts, has been shown to help to increase energy use in people with thyroid conditions.

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