The New Paradigm Of Marketing A Shift To Marketing 2.0

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There is an incessant buzz about broadening the scope of online marketing to include social technologies. The arrival of social technologies along with the new-age platforms, such as smartphones and tablets, have triggered nothing short of a revolution in the way businesses approach their prospects. This has changed the marketing landscape in a manner similar to what online and email marketing did around a decade back. Hence we call it Marketing 2.0 .

Blogosphere is abound with a flurry of marketing mavens trying to decipher the new-age marketing puzzle for you. Evidently, marketers have spawned skepticisms about the validity of the long-established 5Ps of Marketing in today s scenarios where customers discourse is no longer decided by the size and volumes of a business.

Well it s not like the 5Ps have lost their worth or in anyway went redundant over the time. Besides, they have just transformed to best suit the modern environment. In any case, these principles form the bedrock of marketing and any attempt to trumpet the emergence of marketing principles replacing these can best be described as metaphorical.


Incidentally, with the novel tactics branching out, the transformation is anything but lateral. To be more precise, today s revolution has overturned some of the situation-specific principles engineered during the online marketing era, which by and large focused on influencing prospects with information overload through blogs and buy into their attention through tasteless emails. You can t pelt down your prospects with information bombs, coerce them with flogs (fake blogs), or even buy their attention.

Businesses and customers are now converging like never before to develop better products and services. A big thanks to social media platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Once hoaxed as a flash in the pan by many stereotypical businesses, social media has turned into a necessity. These portals are of enormous help in sparking off interests of the folks in product design and development.

Communication between businesses and customers has changed from unidirectional to a more interactive two-way process. In fact, it wouldn t be illogical to say that customers have become an extended and the multi-functional arm for businesses. Considerable use of concepts like social co-creation, idea-generation and validation, social feedback channels, etc, stand testimony to the impact of the tide that s been sweeping the marketing landscape.

We have myriads of examples and success stories that clearly spell out the power of these innocuously crowded social media platforms in making or breaking a brand. We have an awe-inspiring story of Ted Williams, popularly called Man with Golden Voice , whose life transformed when his video went viral on YouTube. Similarly a story, named United Breaks Guitars demonstrate the power of a single video in shaking big brands like United Airlines. No Comment, No Tweet is unimportant. Engage your customers and step into their shoes to find out what they exactly want.

The New Paradigm of Marketing is driven by a set of rules and principles that every business has to abide by to make a mark. It s not just about rules only, but you also need to devise some definitive strategies to reap the real goods. We ve attempted to contribute constructively by creating an informative piece, dubbed Reality Check for Online Marketers : Scale the 5ive Levels , in this bid of yours. This thought-provoking work cites several examples where businesses made a mark by embracing the new tactics. It has compiled the marketing strategies for the contemporary environs as dictated by experts from time to time. In a nut-shell, best suited for the marketers who ve got enough of conventional principles and wishing to break new grounds with some innovative moves.

About the Author: MediaAgility, as the name suggests, is a New Paradigm Company. We enable you to be a Marketing Genius better than your most savvy competitor. MediaAgility has garnered years of experience in leveraging the new media paradigm.


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