Putting A Motorized Bicycle Kit On Your Bike

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By Dominik Hussl

What are Bicycle Motorized Kits and What are they Used For?

It seems as though the questions about bicycle motorized kits are becoming more and more prevalent as the numbers of people becoming interested in the green movement continues to grow. This is because these motorized kits are quickly developing a solid reputation for being one of the best, innovative ways of taking personal responsibility and contributing in creating a cleaner environment. Bicycle motorized kits are basically what their name implies. They are used to modify a traditional pedal-powered bicycle into a modern motorized bike by simply adding a motor. By purchasing one of these kits one can easily begin down the ecofriendly trail with confidence.

What Do the Bicycle Motorized Kits Come With?

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Many potential consumers are looking for an easy way to modify their traditional bikes by adding a motor to them; however, some are a little confused as far as where to start the process. With many different options available to the consumer today, ordering a motorized bicycle kit is now easier than ever. Most manufacturers of these kits are aware that many of these riders are probably at a novice mechanical level and have provided easy to read and very detailed instructions with each kit. In addition, each kit comes with everything needed to install the motor properly as well as directions for how to perform general maintenance, how to operate the motor properly once installed, and how to troubleshoot common issues.

The types of motors that come with these packages can vary depending upon the type of motor the rider is looking for. The consumer should first do a little homework and determine which motor will be the best fit for his or her bike. For example, two stroke motors are definitely the least complex motor to install and they require the rider to premix a combination of motor oil and gasoline. These are great for the rider that only wants to use their motorized bike on occasion versus for daily transportation needs that have a longer distance. A four stroke engine, on the other hand, offers a much easier style of operation and does not require the mixture of gas and oil. They have a much greater range of power and tend to have a much longer life.

Thus, someone looking to use a motorized bike as his or her sole means of transportation might find this motor more attractive. Finally, the rider has the option of ordering an electric motor, which are quiet during operation and can have significantly more power than the stroke engines. These motors are run with different voltages ranging from 12 to 72 volts.

What Do These Bicycle Motorized Kits Do to Benefit Riders?

There are a multitude of benefits that accompany the use of a motorized bicycle kit. Many have been pleased in knowing they are contributing to a cleaner environment, decreasing our countrys dependence on foreign oil, and saving money on fuel. And, of course they are having fun doing it!

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