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Submitted by: Andrew Michaels

Brochures have always been proven to be helpful for your business. The best brochures are produced through commercial printing processes, either by local or online printing presses. They could use offset or digital printing, and the output is really of good quality. However, going to a commercial printer for your brochure printing could mean spending a lot of money. That is because full color printing goes through a complicated process before the image is actually printed on paper. It is time consuming, consumes lots of energy, and requires the effort of many people.

So if you need brochures and yet do not have a lot of budget to spare for the printing at a commercial press, then here are some ways that you take in order to still have nice brochures without spending so much.


1. Do it yourself. As with anything, as long as you do it yourself, you can really save money. Thankfully, there are now many programs that you can use in order to aid you in the layout. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can already do the layout with the help of their ready templates. You can easily set your document into a brochure format, choose the number of folds, and then you can already input your text and photos. The most common format is the tri-fold and you can easily select it as you set up your file. Then you can print your layout using an inkjet or a colored printer. If you can have a continuous ink system installed, that would save you a lot on the ink.

2. Order online. Sometimes, ordering online could be much cheaper that having your jobs done at the local printer. Look up the different online printers and check out their promos as well as their shipping charges. Sometimes, the difference lies in the shipping. But they could waive this for a minimum order or if you can join their referral program. These are just some ways that you could save with an online printer. And they are usually very fast so if you need a rush job, check out what an online printer can do for you.

3. Full color brochures are obviously more attractive. But they are also more expensive. If you want, you can have the cover in full color, but choose to have the inside pages in one color only. That would really cut the printing cost in almost half, as compared to having both sides in color. Full color printing undergoes the four-color processing while the one-color printing only takes a simple process of transferring the text and images onto paper.

4. Spare the finishing touches on your brochure. At most, have the brochure folded only. Most of the time, the folding is already part of the package cost because brochures are already expected to be folded. But you can also have some nice finishing, such as die-cuts, gold stamps, and emboss. But they can add so much on the commercial printing expense yet are sometimes unnecessary. Most of the time, they are use only so that the printed materials will come out unique. So you can always do away with them if you lack the budget. But if you want your brochure to be strong and tough, you can opt to have them laminated by the commercial printer.

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