Baby Crib Safety Guidelines What You Need To Know.}

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Baby Crib Safety Guidelines – What you need to know.


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Important Crib Safety Guidelines

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A crib is a place that we comfortably leave our babies knowing that they are in a safe place. But is that space in fact as safe as we as parents perceive it to be? Listed below are some current safety regulations and guidelines which have been set by the federal government. Follow the recommendations will ensure maximum safety for your child.1. Ensure that your crib has been manufactured AFTER 1986. You can find this information normally on the bottom of the crib.2. Mattress must be no more than 6 inches thick and fit snuggly into crib frame.3. Crib must contain a label stating: -Name and place of business of Canadian manufacturer/ importer -Model name or number -Date of manufacture (year and month) -Warning statement about strict adherence to instructions4. Space between the slats must not be more than 6 cm (2 3/8 in). 5. Crib must be in good repair: -No broken or missing part -Surface must be smooth and free of splinters -Metal surfaces must be smooth -No loose nuts or bolts -Slats must be secure and must not be loose or turn when twisted6. Crib should not have corner posts which extend more than 3 mm (1/8 in) above the highest side. Following the above guidelines will ensure that your babies crib is a safe place to rest and play. As a parent, you will be able to rest assured that they are safe and secure.

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Baby Crib Safety Guidelines – What you need to know.}

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