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By Arnold Hernandez

Internet marketing has been around for a while and among experienced internet marketers it is old news, but mainstream businesses are only just starting to understand the significance of internet marketing. The pioneers of internet marketing, may have looked like fools when they first invested heavily on internet marketing, and some surely were fools. Many dot coms went under as the alleged different business model that noone understood failed miserably, but some did more than survive and succeeded.

The business environment has changed and not too many fools rush out to throw away their money into novel internet ideas, but what is evident is that businesses need to have an internet presence. A website is not and should be the core of any existing business, but should be a part of every single business. A business that fails to acknowledge the importance of having a website presence is destined to go out of business. Eventually it is likely that we will move into a business environment where consumers will expect that every business and public service will have a website that provides services through a website. We are not there, but the signs that we are heading in that direction are.

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We normally do not think of law firms as businesses, but attorneys that are self employed realize very quickly that they are a business. Law firms are not different from any other business. It is true that law firms have restrictions on what marketing activities they are permitted to engage in, but they are not much different from other businesses. All law firms need to be profitable and need to have a website to conduct business as other businesses do. It may not necessarily have to be a competitive website ranking on the top three pages. A website can be treated as a brochure. A brochure that describes the law firm and the law firms legal services. Consumers and buyers of legal services expect this and want this. If the law firm fails to meet consumer needs, then consumers will think less of the law firm and it will reflect on the bottom line.

Most law firms probably think about law firm SEO and law firm marketing when they think of law firm websites. It is true that attorney marketing is done by means of a website, and it may be true that law firms only think that the purpose of a website is to use it for attorney internet marketing, but the function of a law firm website is not just for attorney marketing. A law firm needs to have a website for other reasons and needs to recognize that a website serves many other purposes and not just attorney internet marketing. Attorney internet marketing should be a part of every law firm, but the website is not entirely for that purpose, it should be an integral part of the entire marketing strategy and marketing process of any law firm. Among other things a website is much like a receptionists, it is the first contact with the public, and if the public does not like your first impression, they are going elsewhere.

A website tells a prospective client what the firm is about. It tells the consumer if this firm is shallow and superficial or if the firm has a lot of substance. The pictures, the graphics, and the content tell the client what the law firm is all about. The type of prospective client a website will attract will be directed related to which audience it appeals to. A law firm should analyze the website closely and look at what it says and what type of client it appeals too. Anyone familiar with attorney internet marketing will also know that a firm cannot possibly appeal to all people and if you attempt such an appeal, you will appeal to no one.

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Attorney Internet Marketing


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