Accessories That Make Or Break Impressions

By Maryanne Hart

Home decor plays an important role in creating a perfect home. Modern home decor uses a minimum amount of furniture to decorate rooms, and then adds selected home decor accessories to complement each room. Choosing the right home decor accents can be challenging but it also allows you to express your creativity! Find ideas for home decor accessories by looking through various home decor magazines and websites.

You should maintain uniformity while decorating rooms. Maintain balance in the room by placing heavy pieces of furniture around the room and not grouping them all on one side. The arrangement of home decor accessories should give an even feel in the room. The arrangement of home decor accessories can be in symmetric or asymmetric forms. Home decor accents can be used to maintain balance. For example, a clock on one wall can be balanced by a home decor accent like a carved wood shelf as wall art or a wall plaque on an opposite wall. You can use contrasting home decor to create to create interest. The same style should be maintained while the color elements, pattern of colors and size of accessories can vary.

Rustic home decor is chosen by many people to create a natural environment in their homes. Enjoy nature at your home although you are staying in the city by making use of some interesting rustic home decor accents. This theme allows you to paint your walls in interesting ways, such as with one wall in a burgundy or a deep shade of forest green color. Home decor accessories like decorative mirrors, clocks and other home decor accents can be found to match your nature theme. Rustic home decor can include fountains and feature personalized home decor accents such as engraved garden rocks both within the home and in the garden.


Traditional home decor can be used with modern styles and designs but its best not to mix too many different home decor styles. You can blend 2 or 3 home dcor styles, although many prefer to maintain only one home decor style. For example, imagine a log home its walls are made up of wooden logs, yet you can add traditional and modern home decor accessories to enhance the attractiveness of the space. Home decor accessories like fine carpeting, curtains, and some wall decorations can give the space a more modern look. Keep a unified rustic theme by using metal art and distressed or shabby wood decor accents, or include polished, rounded edges, mirrored and glass home decor accents to emphasize a modern home decor styling.

A living room creates a lasting impression on your guests so it is an essential area for your home decor accessories. Wall paint color can be bold or relaxing. If the furnishings and fabrics used in the living room are bold patterns like animal prints, then neutral paint selections should be used. If you have too many bold colors in paint, furnishings and home decor accessories, the result is generally too overpowering and confusing. Living rooms can be made more attractive using home decor accessories such as wall prints, photo frames, clocks, etc. Your home decor accents can be themed, such as tropical, western or country home decor accents.

The bedroom is a personal and private place which can be decorated according to your taste and needs. Cool colors like blue and green can be used for this room as they provide a soothing feeling. The bedroom can be decorated with accessories like futons, dressers, attractive mirrors and home decor accents like decorative pillows, romantic or inspirational statues, and accent lamps.

Remember the kitchen when decorating. Popular home decor accents for the kitchen include fruits and barnyard animals themes. If you have a favorite animal or fruit, find salt and pepper shakers, kitchen towels, containers, cookie jars, etc. to fit your favorite theme. Other suitable kitchen decor accessories include whimsical characters, such as chubby chefs. Near the kitchen, be careful with the color used for your dining room decor as it helps to define the tone of your dining room. Make sure you paint kitchen and dining areas with high quality paint which can be easily cleaned.

Finding the right home decor accessories to set the tone for each room and arranging home decor accents suitable to your home decor scheme can make or break the impressions you seek to create in your home. Be true to yourself and include themes, collectables, and colors that make you smile and youll surely create a beautiful home.

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